ACES Program

ACES(AHEC Career Enhancement Scholars) is a 3-year program designed for high school and undergraduate students interested in pursuing a career in healthcare. Students in the ACES program participate in college-credit courses, online modules, hands-on workshops, community service/volunteerism, and job shadowing.

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Application for the 2017-2018 ACES Class can be found HERE

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ACES Anytime 2017

Activities offered through ACES:

  • Jumpstart Event-Kickoff event targeted to those interested in health care careers and becoming an ACES Student (held in the Spring)
  • NEW ACES Orientation- Learn how to be a success in the ACES Program
  • Medical Terminology Dual-Enrollment College Credit Course
  • Individual Career Planning Workshop (ICP)- Personalized counseling for your future career!
  • Professional Development- Learn how to prepare an effective personal statement, resume, and polish interview skills. As well as other college application preparation tips.
  • Shadowing and Volunteering Assistance
  • Basic Life Support/CPR Courses
  • Suturing Course- Practice on your own specimen and learn how to tie knots and different suture patterns!
  • Disaster Preparedness-This fun workshop allows students to simulate severe injuries with a military grade wound kit while nursing students assess and treat!
  • MESA Dissections- animal dissections over body systems to learn anatomy and physiology (offered 4-5X each year)
  • Nutrition Workshops- Learn about the physiology of nutrition and vote to decide on what food to cook in class!
  • ACES Monthly Meetings- Learn how to lead and collaborate as a team
  • STAT! A fun interactive way to work as a healthcare team online with realistic-simulated patients. A great way to learn about different common diagnoses, medical terminology, medications, health care roles and much more!
  • College visits over the summer!
  • Self-Defense Course
  • Phlebotomy Training- Learn all about taking blood (hands-on training) and the different tests involved
  • ACT Prep Course
  • Dental Workshop-Interactive workshop with hands on activities learning dental techniques and skills
  • Vital Signs Training
  • Service Learning Projects in your own community
  • HIPAA- Healthcard Privacy Training
  • Infection Control Training
  • Health Literacy and Public Health Training
  • Cultural Diversity and the Health Care Team Training