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Become a preceptor to ensure the health of future generations!

AHEC works with multiple universities to place students in clinical rotations in the southwest region. The concerns for physician shortages are growing, and the lack of interested preceptors has become an even greater issue. Help us to create a strong healthcare workforce for the future by becoming a preceptor.

Articles of Interest

Mastering the Preceptor Role: Challenges of Clinical Training
Burns, C., Beauchesne, M., Ryan-Krause, P., & Sawin, K. (2006). Mastering the Preceptor Role: Challenges of Clinical Teaching. Journal of Pediatric Health Care20(3), 172-183. doi:10.1016/j.pedhc.2005.10.012

New CMS Documentation Info

CMS will “allow the teaching physician to verify in the medical record any student documentation of components of E/M services, rather than re-documenting the work. Students may document services in the medical record. However, the teaching physician must verify in the medical record all student documentation or findings, including history, physical exam and/or medical decision making. The teaching physician must personally perform (or re-perform) the physical exam and medical decision making activities of the E/M service being billed, but may verify any student documentation of them in the medical record, rather than re-documenting this work.”(MLM Matters Number MM10412)