Teachers and Counselors

AHEC is here to help you prepare the students of today to be the healthcare professionals of tomorrow!

AHEC has been delivering health science content in the classroom since 1971. We strive to provide content that is both engaging and relevant for students interested in the health sciences.

The Southwest Area Health Education Center serves 21 counties in Southwest Missouri providing health science related educational activities to students in assorted classes, assemblies, and through extracurricular programs and summer camps to encourage them to pursue health-related fields post high school or undergraduate studies. AHEC also aims to support educators and offer services to engage students in the learning process.


Some of the other types of workshops/trainings we can offer at your school includes the following In-School Healthcare Career Recruitment Programming:

  • Health Careers Introduction
  • Financial Aid- MO Connections
  • HIPAA/Infection Control/Gowning and Gloving
  • Phlebotomy and Injections Demos
  • Breast Cancer Awareness/Testicular Cancer Awareness
  • Virtual Lab tours/ Virtual College Visits
  • Public Health Education/Careers
  • Study Skills/Time Management/College Prep
  • Vital Signs
  • Case Study- ADVANCED
  • Animal Dissection
    • School provides specimens; prices often range from $15-$30 per specimen, which can be used for 2-3 students; AHEC can provide all tools and instruction (case-by-case basis)
  • Respiratory Education/Careers
  • Oral Health Education/Careers
  • Mental Health Awareness/Education- OUD/SUD
  • Nutrition Education/Careers/ Cooking Demos (case by case basis)
  • CPR and/or First Aid Certifications
    • - as available- $50 each for either CPR or First Aid (4-hour course for each), $80 for both (6+ hour course)